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Air Compression Therapy Device LGT-2200SP

Longest ccompression system (LGT-2200SP) is comprised of an intermittent pneumatic controller, durable overlapping sleeves, and a connection hose. It employs three techniques - gradients, pulsing compression, and distal release, to effectively relieve muscle tension and increase blood circulation to promote the recovery of the treated areas.

The sleeves are inflated and deflated sequentially to develop the circulating pressure on the human body, squeezing the proximal and distal of the limbs to promote blood circulation, lymphatic system, and improve body microcirculation.  Click to download the brochure of LGT-2200SP

+ High-quality overlapping sleeves
+ Multi-flush modes for the best recovery
+ Adjustable pressure to satisfy trainer’s different needs
+ Digital control and quick operation
+ Worldwide compatible adapter
+ Real-time pressure indication, enabling the users to adjust pressure easily to suit their different needs.
+ High-Pressure Errors indications to assure safe treatment
+Rechargeable Battery with 6500mAh Capacity, more than 5 hours of working life

Technical Specification

Chamber                   : 4
Compression mode  : 6
Time     : 1min-99min
Pressure  : 30-150mmHg
Rechargeable battery : Yes(Battery Life: more than 6 hours)
Adapter : Yes(15V 6A)
Input voltage : AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Dimension : 270(L)×148(W)×128(H)mm
Weigh : 1.65KG(without battery)


Standard Accessories

Adapter 2.5M (Power cord included)          x1pc
Connection hose with double connectors    x1pc
Carry Bag                                               x1pc

Optional Accessories

Rechargeable battery (6500mAh)            x1pc
4-chamber arm sleeve – Small Size          x1pc
4-chamber leg sleeve – Small Size             x1pc
4-chamber leg sleeve – Medium Size           x1pc
4-chamber leg sleeve – Large Size            x1pc
4-chamber jacket – Small Size                 x1pc
4-chamber waist + thigh – Small Size       x1pc
4-chamber calf + foot sleeve – Small Size   x1pc
4-chamber full body – Small Size              x1pc


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